Purposeful Policies

Contributing to the creation of effective policies for policy and decision makers, and communicating these to influencers and communities of interest


The Purposeful Policies group is developing strategies to influence policy. We do this through identifying opportunities for dialogue with individuals, and groups, who can influence decision making on policies.

We aim to build on the strengths of government policy, past and present, and create clear policy messages for a variety of audiences.  We believe that successful realisation of SDG4.7 requires clear government policies on educational responses to creating a sustainable, fairer, peaceful and resilient world. To support this we need to find the ‘right words’ to build consensus across groups and ensure that that both the voices of those from all corners of our community, and our message, are heard.

Our Shared World presenting Purposeful Policies to influencers and policy makers

Now has to be the time to show children that they can do something with their knowledge of climate change. It is time for a curriculum that teaches the skills and mindset to make change work for them.

Lord Knight of WeymouthSecond reading of Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill [HL], 16 July, 2021

How we get there:

We must ensure that education in England imparts children and young people with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to excel in a more sustainable world. This is the core tenet of SDG 4.7.

We are calling on the Department for Education to:

  • Advance action on SDG4.7, working with practitioners and civil society to better understand what this means and how it can be achieved.
  • Upgrade the education system, recognising the themes of SDG4.7 and supporting core curricula and real life learning relevant to 21st Century Britain.

What we’ve achieved so far:

The Purposeful Policies group led a recent OSW action to support the second reading of Lord Jim Knight’s Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill in the House of Lords, which has now gone to Committee Stage. The PP group drafted a briefing in support of the Bill and OSW members used this to collectively reach out to more than 100 peers, resulting in a a very long list of speakers on the day!

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When it comes to education, we need to strengthen an approach that promotes the well-being of people and the planet.