Evidence Group

Driven by clarity, focus and consultation, the evidence report provides a comprehensive assessment of ‘what works’ in educating for SDG 4.7

Drawing on the expertise and experience of people from academia, civil society, government and professional organisations, the evidence group have authored a full report into the things that work when educating for SDG4.7

Focusing first on a full exploration of the purpose of education in the 21st Century, the report then examines themes which are central to the SDG. These are Global Citizenship Education, Peace Education, Education for Human Rights, Cultural Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

Evidence focuses on English schooling in the last 3 – 5 years (from 2016). This captures a period of time when education, with all its brilliance and its faults, has been thrown into sharp relief, in part due to the pandemic with society asking once more – how can we build back better? The range of evidence in this report, from academic research to impact case studies to the personal thoughts of those affected, reflects these multiple dynamics and enables a report that provides a robust picture of what works when educating for SDG4.7

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We need to ensure education gives students the tools to tackle the problems of the present and future, to fight the climate crisis and to transform society.

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Governments, policy makers and education leaders need to ensure that Education for Sustainable Development continues to be built into education frameworks at every stage of national education.