Action Learning

Working to answer how a broad coalition can come together to support common interests and SDG4.7

How does a broad coalition across many educational themes come together to support the common interest of SDG4.7?

The Action Learning Group is exploring the following tasks:

  • Designing an action learning and research plan
  • Engaging other working groups for review meetings
  • Telling the story of Our Shared World to encourage others to get involved
  • Facilitating evaluation & monitoring

Our goal is to sustain this new and challenging and collaborative way of working with groups and organisations who have not worked much together before.

Our hope is that this collaboration will enable all of the diverse approaches to SDG4.7 to be effectively scaled and embedded in education in England.

Action Learning

How can we encourage learners to undertake transformative actions for sustainability to shape a different future, before it's too late?

UNESCOESD for 2030

‘A primary purpose of Action Research is to produce practical knowledge that is useful to people in the everyday conduct of their lives.’

‘…..and also about creating new forms of understanding, since action without reflection and understanding is blind, just as theory without action is meaningless’

Peter Reason and Hillary Bradbury (2006)
Handbook of Action Research. Sage. Pg.2

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Our Shared World Working Group
Our Shared World Working Group

The general assembly reaffirms ESD as an integral element of the Sustainable Development Goals on quality education, and a key enabler of all the other SDG’s

UN General Assembly Resolution 72/222