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Our Shared World is a vibrant coalition of more than 350 UK organisations and individuals, including young people, who are working together and campaigning for ‘education for sustainability’ to be embedded in the curriculum as a right for all children in the UK. In December 2022, Kiara Gilbert won a funded commission that we ran in collaboration with Letters to the Earth and Culture Declares Emergency inviting young London based writers to respond to our theme ‘Abundance of Us’. 

Kiara is a @barbicancentre Young Poet and graduate student at the London School of Economics. Both her research and poetry are rooted in the lived experiences and philosophies of Afro-diasporic communities. She graduated with a BA in African American Studies from Princeton University and an MPhil in Criticism and Culture from the University of Cambridge. She is a current US-UK Marshall Scholar and a Barbican Young Poet.…/senior-kiara-gilbert… 

“We are absolutely thrilled with Kiara’s beautiful poem which she performed for us at our first ever in-person event in London.” Ann Finlayson, co-chair, Our Shared World

You can listen to Kiara reading her poem at the event on Twitter 

Our Shared World

About Our Shared World

Our Shared World is a broad coalition advocating for SDG 4.7 in England by 2030. First chaired by Oxfam and WWF-UK, and currently chaired by SEEd and CoDEC, OSW is a coalition of more than 150 members.

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