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Recording, slides and links from our first meeting in 2024

Thank you all so much for coming and contributing to our OSW Spring Wake up event last Thursday – it was great to reconnect and hear about the fantastic range of work OSW members are undertaking. For those of you unable to attend – you can catch up with the recording here and slideset here, where you will find information, links and email addresses to respond to the spring callouts made for:

  • Presenters to showcase their current work at the new Our Shared Work Learning Lunches
  • Case studies of transformative learning for the OSW Transformative learning Report
  • Information on Lord Jim Knight, SEEd and Reboot’s political campaign for young people

Great to be out of hibernation, with an OSW spring in our step and looking forward to sharing, connecting further and spreading our ‘coalition of the willing’ wings!


Watch a recording of our online event here.

OSW is the only collaborative, voluntary ‘coalition of the willing’ – so it was high time to celebrate who we are, get to know each other better and get our creative juices flowing! There are many ripe opportunities in terms of knowledge, nurture, dissemination and action. Now is a key moment to be influencing policy and policymakers. The agenda included:

  • SDG 4.7 Current landscaper: why we need to stimulate collaborative OSW actions now. Plans, policy & policymaking and the new UNESCO declaration.
  • Engaging young people: Lord Jim Knight and empowering young voices.
  • ‘Sharing our work’: Launching monthly ‘showcases’ of OSW members’ work that embraces the potency of our diversity, and can foster collaboration and support for work already ongoing within OSW.
  • Appreciative inquiry around themes members are presently working on. Suggestion of looking at Climate Justice, as a theme to work around – are there others the group would like to develop?
  • News from the Transformative Learning Research Group on the development of the Transformative learning report and a call out to the network for Case studies of what members are doing in the transformative learning space. Please see Doug and Jenny’s call out for further details on this.
  • OSW needs a new Co chair! Invitations to propose a new co-chair.. or chairs.

These are just a few serving suggestions and we welcome ideas and inclusions that you would like to see. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Many thanks, Ann and Elly

Our Shared World

About Our Shared World

Our Shared World is a broad coalition advocating for SDG 4.7 in England by 2030. First chaired by Oxfam and WWF-UK, and currently chaired by SEEd and CoDEC, OSW is a coalition of more than 150 members.


  • Hi thanks for the update and invite – we’d love to join the conversation… Wales born education enterprise doing just what you say on the tin!! You seem v England focused but there are great things afoot here in wales with a new curriculum that require we teach the future. We’ve set up Cymbrogi to do just that.. and would love to share what we’ve learned..

    Come visit! 🙂

    • Hi Liza,
      We will be delighted to welcome you on Thursday and would love to learn more about what you are doing. There will calls to share ideas and practice, so look forward very much to connecting!

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