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Did You COP That?

Unpicking policies and commitments from COP26.

Catch up on the events

1. Voices and Perspectives from COP

November 17th 2021

Lydia Meryll – community activist and environmental educator
Heizal Nagginda – a climate and environmental activist, and founder of Climate Operation, a youth led organisation in Uganda.
Professor Alison Phipps – UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.

2. COP26 Education Pledges

December 13th 2021

  • Ana Romero – Mexico delegation and the education build up to COP26
  • Betsy King – Learning for Sustainability Scotland
  • WillYear 12 student, Midlands Schools Sustainability Network and UK Schools Sustainability Network COP26 rep.

3. A Deep Dive into DfE
Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

January 18th 2022

A conversation about the Department for Education’s draft strategy for education and children’s services systems, announced at COP.

  • Ann Finlayson – OSW co-chair, CEO of SEEd and Advisor for DfE Usergroup
  • Phoebe Hanson – from Teach the Future and Mock COP26
  • Thiziri – Teach the Future representative from The Chase school who recently declared a climate emergency
  • Sam Nadel – Head of Government Relations – Oxfam

4. A deep dive into the UK Environment Act.

February 17th 2022

Explore the UK’s new framework for environmental protection:

  • Key themes of the Act and their implications
  • What it means for young people, contexts for learning and the role of educators
  • Opportunities, challenges, and links to wider policy agendas

Speakers for this event included:

  • Debbie Tripley – WWF
  • Vix Lowthion – Green Party Education
  • Sara Collins – Nature Premium Campaign
  • A spokesperson from Voyage Youth

5. Green Skills Part 1 –
An exploration of skills for a sustainable and just future.

March 21st 2022

Did you know there is a Skills Bill? Members of our community have been working to get ‘green’ skills included and better understood. They are also mentioned in the  DfE draft Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy which we examined in our event earlier this year.

  • Peter Duncanformer Chief Scout and Blue Peter presenter
  • Leslee UdwinFounder and Chief Executive of Think Equal
  • Richard Dunnefrom the Harmony Project
  • Dr Penny HayBath Spa University and Forest of Imagination
  • Livia FiliticoShimaka, forming new keepers of the forest’s living wisdom

6. Green Skills Part 2 –
Competencies and Frameworks.

June 6th 2022

Continuing the conversation about ‘Green’ skills in schools in England, exploring the development of Competencies, applying knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to a task or subject. A number of Competency Frameworks are available and here you will see ones from UNESCO and UNECE among others that have been tried and tested.

Girl with seedlings learns about plants
  • Clive Belgeonne, DECSY – will outline a definition of competencies, with an example of how they use a self assessment competency questionnaire
  • Cathy d’Abreu, Oxford Brookes University – will outline how she adapted the UNESCO competencies framework to educate university lecturers
  • Rachel Musson, Thoughtbox – will outline their approach
  • Dr Paul Vare, University of Gloucestershire – will outline his Rounder Sense of Purpose framework
  • Professor Nicola Walsh, UCL – eco capabilities

This video will be available soon.

Our Shared World

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Our Shared World is a broad coalition advocating for SDG 4.7 in England by 2030. First chaired by Oxfam and WWF-UK, and currently chaired by SEEd and CoDEC, OSW is a coalition of more than 150 members.

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