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In 2021 the COP26 Climate Change conference took place in Glasgow, and Oxfam GB worked with our partners to make sure the voices of young people campaigning for climate justice were at the front and centre of delegates’ minds.

Whether it was young campaigners like Jessy and Isaac in Malawi, the schools and community groups who met climate activist Pushpanath Krishnamurthy on his epic walk from London to Glasgow, the young activists from Send My Friend to School or the schools who contributed to the Forest of Promises project seen daily on TV news; we wanted young people to be seen and heard at COP.  

Send My Friend to School - Our Shared World members

Oxfam have also produced resources for schools:

Check out the suite of exciting resources for primary and secondary schools to help young people develop understanding of a range of global issues. Oxfam have also supported the development of climate justice resources, which take an innovative rights-based approach for the Scottish curriculum and the delivery of Teach Climate Justice, an initial teacher training module.  

Find out more about more resources and opportunities from Oxfam by following them on Twitter or signing up for their education newsletter.   

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Our Shared World is a broad coalition advocating for SDG 4.7 in England by 2030. First chaired by Oxfam and WWF-UK, and currently chaired by SEEd and CoDEC, OSW is a coalition of more than 150 members.